Free speech and challenging conversations program details

Voluntary development opportunities are being offered to complement previously announced required free speech training to support discourse around challenging topics.


Required training

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and Iowa’s public universities are committed to supporting the principles of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment for all members of our campus communities. The first step in creating a campus environment where different viewpoints are welcome is understanding the basic principles of First Amendment rights to free expression.

The Board of Regents and the universities created a 15–20-minute training module to assist campus community members in better understanding the rights to free expression. Per Iowa law, all faculty, staff, and students are expected to complete this training annually. Participation in this training is essential to our continued commitment to providing an educational, living, and working environment that protects the First Amendment rights of all campus community members.

Faculty and staff should go to and select First Amendment Training. They can also access their compliances from HR Self-Service.

Students can access the course by clicking the "Required Training" tile within MyUI or by going to and selecting First Amendment Training.

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